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How to Keep a Creativity Journal

1.      Get a journal.
Make sure the paper has no lines. It doesn't look good it your are painting on a paper and lines are showing through.
2.      Bring it with you everywhere you go.
You just might get an idea while sipping coffee and want to tape that stained napkin with a coffee stain like a heart.
3.      Have fun!
Don't feel obligated to make one. Don't say, "Ah man. I have to do my journal again!" Creativity journals are calming experiences which really helps one find themselves. These journals are a hobby like painting or scrapbook keeping.
4.      There are no boundaries!
Feel free to put that flower in there. Maybe stitch in that old love letter. Write an letter to that teacher in high school that gave you a D on that project. Just DON'T send it!
5.      Write down ideas in the back of the journal.
6.      When people ask you what that is, explain and they will flip in awe through your journal and want to start one of their own!
7.      Finished.

Source: www.wikihow.com